100% Personalized Physician-Developed Age Defiance


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Aging is not a disease, it’s a natural process. But it can be managed with our advanced programs designed to help individuals maintain optimal health and vitality. The science behind Age Management Medicine allows our physicians to identify problems and risk factors early and make long-lasting corrections, ensuring that you are at the lowest possible risk for age-related diseases, such as: heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and Alzheimer’s. We refer to this opportunity as “squaring the curve”.


The Cenegenics Elite Health Program produces tangible results allowing our patients to quickly achieve peak physical and mental performance despite their demanding lifestyles. Our exclusive benefits include:

  • Initial complimentary consultation with a Cenegenics physician
  • Complete extensive blood analysis
  • State-of-the-art initial evaluation including:
    • Tests for early detection of certain diseases
    • Customized comprehensive health, nutrition and exercise plan
  • Monthly shipments of nutritional supplements and prescription hormones (as clinically indicated)
  • An ongoing detailed monitoring of your health goals
  • Unlimited consultations with your Cenegenics physician and clinical team
  • Continuous cutting-edge clinical and Age Management information
  • Annual re-evaluation to refine your personalized program and health goals

Cenegenics has multiple centers located in and around large cities. For your convenience, a Cenegenics phlebotomist will travel to your home or office to complete your blood draw.


Our evaluation process is highly personalized and can last up to six hours.

Cenegenics “Gold Standard” Diagnostic Testing

  • Resting Measurements – heart rate, blood pressure, weight, height and waist measurement
  • Body Composition/Bone Density – DXA Scan evaluates lean muscle mass, body fat percentage and bone mineral density
  • Cardiovascular Endurance – Vo2 Max measures cardio-pulmonary efficiency to better plan your exercise
  • Carotid Intima-Media Scan (CIMT) – measures the health of your arteries
  • Neuro-Cognitive Assessment (NCA) – measures mental acuity and brain health
  • Muscular Strength
  • Muscular Endurance
  • Core Strength & Stability
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Digital Before & After – uses the Align-a-bod technology to compare results of your initial and annual re-evaluation

Extensive Nutrition & Exercise Consultation

  • You will spend informative time discussing your current exercise and dietary habits in order to determine personal goals which can be achieved with the right food choices and exercise programs, allowing for optimum physical health

Specialized Offerings (add-on options)

  • Cardiac Risk Measurements – identifies inflammation, oxidative stress and genetic mutations leading to vascular disease
  • Telomere Health – measure how well your individual cells are aging
  • Skin Care – our custom-formulated line is scientifically proven to grow new collagen at the cellular level while also activating dormant stem cells

Initial Program Physician Consultation

During an open-ended consultation, your Cenegenics physician will carefully evaluate and discuss the results of your extensive lab analysis, diagnostics, medical history, nutrition and exercise consultation and lifestyle. This evaluation will lead to the development of your customized Cenegenics Program.

During your extensive in-person consultations with both your Cenegenics physician and Nutrition & Exercise Counselor, many health and lifestyle topics will be discussed to help design the program that is right for you. Key fundamentals that will be discussed include the following:

By registering, you will receive our email newsletters and advertising promotions. You may unsubscribe at any time.


At the end of your evaluation day, your Cenegenics physician and clinical team of professionals will create a fully personalized program to help you best manage the aging process. Once you begin your Elite Health Program, you can expect ongoing, unlimited consultations with your Cenegenics physician and clinical team, who will:

  • closely monitor your progress and goals, and make necessary refinements to your program along the way.
  • deliver monthly shipments of nutritional supplements and prescription hormones (as clinically indicated) based on the recommendation of your Cenegenics physician.
  • provide periodic follow-up blood analysis drawn by our Cenegenics phlebotomist to ensure your program is optimized to meet your health goals.


You will have an extensive annual blood analysis completed along with a re-evaluation at one of our convenient Cenegenics centers to measure the progress you have made towards achieving your health goals. This will also be a time when you will redo all of the testing you completed at your initial evaluation to more carefully evaluate any new developments and findings related to achieving your program health goals. At this very exciting point in your health journey, you are able to witness the remarkable changes in both your physical state and overall outlook on life.


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