Nevada Business Publishing “So You are Aging, Now What” Editorial by Cenegenics Physician

Nevada Business is publishing an editorial by longtime Cenegenics physician Dr. Michael Resnick entitled “So You are Aging, Now What?,” announced Cenegenics, the global leader in age management medicine and recognized leading authority in the field. The article sheds light on where Americans stand in their healthcare choices in a nation that spends more on healthcare than any other country, yet ranks first in obesity and 27th in life expectancy.

Per Resnick, two options are set before every American as the slow-down symptoms of aging arise—reduced libido, rising cholesterol, higher blood pressure, declining vitality/energy, poorer body condition. Option one is the traditional approach with its disease-focus, five-minute office visits and generic care. Option two is a paradigm shift in healthcare: Age management medicine with its proactive, preventive medical approach, in-depth Elite Health Evaluation, superior patient care and customized program strategies to help patients achieve optimal health while staving off age-related disease.

“Many baby boomers are making the wrong choice when it comes to medical care. They’re going with the common approach—a blood pressure pill, cholesterol pill and sugar pill. And statistics on U.S. longevity reveal where that will get them. There is a better way, and we at Cenegenics want to inform the public about how they can take control of their health now for a better future,” Resnick said.

The Nevada Business article is just one more step of Cenegenics’ national campaign to raise public awareness on how to improve their aging process with the right hormone replacement therapy, right nutrition and supplements as well as the right exercise. They’ve also hit the radio air waves nationally, beginning in the Big Apple, to offset the numerous radio ads containing erroneous information about the efficacy of herbal testosterone-type compounds and set the record straight on what really constitutes good medicine.

“Our goal is to help people stand up and take charge of their health. That’s why the physicians at Cenegenics are happy to explain the age management medicine approach with those seeking healthcare options during a no obligation, free consultation,” Resnick said.

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