Charles Guglin , MD

Milford, Connecticut

Cenegenics Connecticut

Dr. Guglin was born and raised in Rochester, NY. After receiving a BS from SUNY at Albany, NY, he attended medical school at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Dr. Guglin underwent General Surgery Residency training, initially at New Britain General Hospital in New Britain, CT then completed a Trauma Fellowship and wrapped up his General Surgery training at Hartford Hospital in Hartford, CT.

Dr. Guglin practiced acute care as a General Surgeon in Milford, CT for 28 years. Toward the conclusion of his tenure, he became somewhat dissatisfied with the way physicians typically practice medicine in this country. It has become the norm, partly because of the undue influence of the insurance and pharmaceutical industries, to allow patients to grow chronically unhealthy, mostly due to lifestyle issues, then to treat their symptoms with pharmaceuticals or invasive surgery.

Dr. Guglin became impassioned about the newer concept offered by the field of Preventative/Functional medicine. Practitioners in this discipline are dedicated to discovering the root cause of chronic illnesses through the utilization of advanced diagnostics, including extensive blood studies, genomics, body composition analysis, VO2 Max studies, and cognitive testing.

Patients then sit down with their physician and formulate a comprehensive plan which includes nutritional counseling, age, and fitness level-appropriate physical training, nutraceuticals, hormone optimization, and stress reduction strategies. Dr. Guglin is confident that this is the best approach to achieving wellness, regardless of your age or your current state of health. He understands that only through hard work and dedication to staying on the path to wellness can you achieve your personal health goals.

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