Mara Fragomeni , MD

Lisbon, Portugal

Cenegenics Portugal

Dr. Mara Fragomeni is a trained plastic surgeon. She completed a five-year internship in plastic surgery at one of the most prestigious Plastic Surgery services in São Paulo. After fulfilling all the requirements of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery and passing the written and oral examination of the specialty, she was awarded the title of specialist, which is registered under number 14434 at the Regional Council of Medicine of the State of São Paulo.

Within Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, she specialized in the treatment of burns, having worked for 11 years as a plastic surgeon awarded by the State of São Paulo at the Burn Care Unit of the General Hospital of Vila Penteado, one of the four referral hospitals for burns in the State. In Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, she specialized in hair transplantation, being called in 1994 by Dr Munir Curi to join his hair transplantation team in São Paulo. Subsequently, she held two postgraduate courses of two years each. The first in Aesthetic Medicine and the second in Dermatology, both recognized by the Ministry of Education and Culture.
Dr. Fragomeni completed her studies in Nutrology and Anti-Aging Medicine in the United States of America, holding the American Board of Antiaging Medicine.

Dr. Mara Fragomeni, due to her multidisciplinary training, is dedicated to providing her patients with solutions for a healthy, long life, focused on health and beauty. It has a unique approach due to her very thorough training.

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