Getting quality sleep is one of the most important things we can do for your overall health and well-being.


of 40-59 year olds report short sleep duration (less than 7 hours of sleep) according to the American Sleep Association

Many adults 40 and over report experiencing:

  • Restless sleep

    Frequent tossing and turning, can't get comfortable, waking up without wanting to

  • Waking up multiple times

    Waking throughout the night to use the bathroom, or having a restless mind

  • Snoring or sleep apnea

    May be caused by excess weight or an underlying issue that is impeding upon quality sleep

  • Inability to wake in the morning

    Need a couple cups of coffee or an energy drink to get you started in the morning, and hits the snooze a few times

  • "Why am I always tired...?"

    Sleep is an important aspect of your overall health and well-being

  • What Cenegenics Members Are Saying

    • My overall well being has improved greatly.
      No more hot flashes, increased energy, sleep all night and better quality of life. Thank you“

      Jacki H.
      Member since 2018
    • I wake up in the morning ready to go!
      Whereas, today, I have a lot more gas in the tank at the end of the day and I wake up in the morning ready to go! “

      Ken D.
      Member since 2016
    • I started to sleep, which was a godsend.
      I lost the extra weight, my muscles got stronger and stronger, I started to sleep, which was a godsend. I hadn't slept for, I don't know, like 17 years. “

      Dr. Julie McCallen
      Cenegenics physician and member since 2005
    • I immediately noticed a much better sleep quality.
      I slept more deeply. I wake up more refreshed. When I'm working in the morning, I would be sharp right away. Wouldn't need two or three cups of coffee to get going.“

      Sanjay P.
      Member since 2015