Summer is Around the Corner: Start Protecting Your Skin from Signs of Aging

April 3, 2017

Now is the time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air! However, the sun can be a harsh benefactress. While she can lift your spirits and warm you, exposure to sunlight can prematurely age your skin and cause uneven pigmentation. To truly enjoy the sun and properly care for your skin, consider the Cenegenics Skin Care Line, specifically designed to help reduce the marks of aging caused by excessive sun exposure.

Step #1: Clean

While many of us left acne behind in high school, others find it cropping back up as we pass through menopause or andropause. The Cenegenics Purifying Cleanser is a gentle yet thorough cleansing product, ideal for removing make-up, clearing away any oil residue and preparing your skin for toning and restoration.

This cleanser gently clears away natural and artificial products that may be blocking your pores and allows your skin to breath naturally. While many cleansing products can strip the skin, leaving it feeling dry and tight, the Cenegenics product line is, first and foremost, kind to your skin.


Step #2: Tone

The refining toner offered by Cenegenics will balance your skin and prepare it for deep moisture with stem cell activators designed to balance your complexion. Toning is a critical step that makes the rest of your skin care regimen more effective.

The ingredients in Cenegenics toner offer tremendous antimicrobial characteristics and anti-inflammatory properties. If inflammation or acne trouble your aging skin, this toner can help.

Step #3: Restore

Many of the best features of Cenegenics skin products is what they don’t put on your face. No mineral oil, animal derivatives or synthetic fragrances means there’s nothing in this quality restorative serum that will clog your pores or damage your skin. In fact, this serum can help activate the immune function inherent in your skin.

Cenegenics Restorative Serum guards and cares for the skin thanks to several specific ingredients. From rose canina seed extract, used to treat wounds and scars, to caviar extract for collagen enhancing, this serum was designed and blended with aging skin in mind.

Step #4: Activate

The Cenegenics skin care regimen does more than clean and refresh your skin; these products can actually help you rebuild lost elasticity and firmness. The epidermal activation treatment is a spray-on product that places peptides directly on your skin to encourage collagen production and reduce wrinkles.

This product is built to work with your biology and awaken dormant stem cells in your own epidermis. As your skin is an integral part of your immune system as well as the largest organ of your body, Cenegenics skin care products contribute to your total health.

Step #5: Moisturize

It’s important to note that many products in the Cenegenics Skin Care Line offer EGF (epidermal growth factors) in their formulas to give you not only clean, fresh skin but also restorative technology that can strengthen the proteins in your dermal tissues, reducing the tendency of aging skin to fall into wrinkles. The rejuvenating moisturizer is the final and critical application of these powerful proteins.

The lipids found in Cenegenics Moisturizer come from safflower and olives, giving you a light feel on the skin with powerful moisturizing capabilities. This product will not only moisturize your skin, it will help it to firm and reduce the look of papery, thin skin.


Many skincare products offer glamorous packaging and air-brushed models, but few provide users the science and the technology necessary to truly rebuild aging and sun=damaged skin. Cenegenics combines the force of nature with the precision of science to give users an exact formula for skin that looks and feels younger.