• What is Cenegenics?

    Cenegenics is the global leader in Performance Health Age Management since 1997. Fueled by sophisticated data, technology, and metabolic science, we help people achieve their peak cognitive, physical, and metabolic health. In doing so, our Clients are living healthier, more energized lives. We make turning back your biological clock convenient and personal.

  • What is the Performance Health Assessment?

    The performance health assessment is the cornerstone of our mission. We rely on science and clinical data to maximize your personal health. Since every person is different, we need to assess your current cognitive, physical and metabolic health so that we can customize a health plan for you.

  • What is Included in the Performance Health Assessment (PHA)?

    The PHA is conducted during an all-day session at one of our Cenegenics centers located around the globe and includes:

    • Medical history and lifestyle assessment
    • Evaluation
    • DEXA scan
    • VO2 max test
    • CIMT test
    • Neurocognitive assessment
    • Muscular strength and endurance testing
    • Fitness and nutrition assessments
    • Physician consultation (Approximately 2 hours in duration)

    Due to the comprehensive nature of the PHA, please plan to spend 4-6 hours at our center for your Assessment. (Lunch will be provided)

  • Will My Performance Health Program Involve Hormonal Therapies?

    Only if clinically indicated. Since Cenegenics offers a comprehensive program, hormone therapies are only part of the available therapies that help you age healthier. Cenegenics uses cutting-edge technology to interpret biomarker health data to individualize your peak fitness, nutraceutical and nutrition plans to fit your distinct needs. Your physician will never recommend hormonal therapies unless clinically indicated by your performance health assessment.

  • How Long Will It Take to See Results?

    Our clients typically begin seeing and feeling changes within their first month, but results depend on your adherence to your individualized program and your baseline health when you start. On average, Cenegenics clients recorded a decrease in body fat of 30% within the first year on the program, as well as feeling younger, and more energized. However, the long-term payoff is living a long, healthy, and active life. With the help and support of your performance health team you will see that the time and effort put into your own health is well worth your investment of effort.

  • Who are Cenegenics Physicians?

    Cenegenics physicians are specialists who are held to the highest standards. Our doctors are highly trained in Cenegenics clinical tactics relating to age management medicine. Only 1% of trainees achieve the requirements needed to become a Cenegenics Physician Partner. Our physicians collaborate on complex patient health issues and are continually receiving clinical updates as proven evidence-based science evolves to ensure their patients’ programs remain cutting-edge and effective. As such, you can be confident that if health issues arise, they can be detected early for preventive treatment.

  • How Often Will I See My Cenegenics Performance Health Team?

    We understand that unexpected life events may arise that can affect your program, so timely follow-ups are made to fine-tune your individualized course of treatment as needed. Your performance health team is there for you based on the program you choose, with top-level programs providing unlimited consultations with your physician and clinical team.

    Members of your performance health team will promptly answer any questions you may have via email or phone. While new patients are in frequent communication with their team during the early stages of their program, most of our patients find monthly check-ins to be best. These communications provide the opportunity to discuss progress and any necessary changes in a way that is convenient for their schedules. Above all else, the Cenegenics team is here to support optimal results through a sustainable approach.

    Regardless of the plan you are on, at a minimum all clients meet with their Cenegenics physician in-center annually for re-evaluation

  • Which Nutraceuticals Should I Expect to Receive if Clinically Indicated?

    Our performance health program carefully balances your peak health with nutraceutical supplementation – as clinically indicated, so that we can address any deficiencies discovered in your blood work and medical history. Therefore, recommended nutraceutical supplementation varies from person to person and will be prescribed if needed based on the results of your performance health assessment. Your physician will never prescribe a nutraceutical unless clinically indicated by your lab work. If you are recommended for nutraceuticals, they will be shipped to your home by your Cenegenics team.

    Each nutritional supplement in our formulary is manufactured according to the latest FDA-certification standards and undergoes independent third-party analysis to ensure safety and efficacy. In addition to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Cenegenics works with manufacturers who hold additional certifications from accredited, independent third-party organizations that test and certify products to verify that they meet public health and safety standards (NSF International, NSF for Sport, IFOS, NPA, and Australia’s TGA).

  • How Long Will My Complimentary Phone Consultation Take?

    We know your free time is critical to you. We aim for the initial complimentary phone consultation to take from 5 to 10 minutes, but it’s likely your introduction will take longer. This exchange lays the foundation for a successful, long-term partnership between you and your performance health team, so use this opportunity to ask any questions about your health, the Cenegenics program, and overarching wellness goals. Our team will also use this exchange to briefly introduce themselves, explain the general scope of the Cenegenics program, and give you an overview of basic program objectives. Additionally, the consultation allows you to discuss known health issues with our team in-depth, as well as any limitations you may have due to injuries or disabilities. Thus, the length of the initial consultation is largely dependent on any questions and concerns you would like addressed.

  • Can I Become a Cenegenics Client if I’m Already on a Different Hormone Therapy Program?

    Yes! Cenegenics welcomes people who are already on alternate hormone therapy programs. However, if our clinical team detects findings in your bloodwork that suggest your hormone levels are not optimal,your Cenegenics physician will inform you of options to receive hormone therapy that better suits your individual needs.

    Unlike other approaches, the Cenegenics program encompasses not only a sex hormone panel, but also an in-depth review of how hormones are directly affecting key health measures, including carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, inflammatory markers, and kidney and liver function. Your physician will actively monitor your condition through regular blood draws to ensure adjustments are made when necessary. This is a critical feature of safe and effective hormone therapy. Moreover, if hormone levels are clinically too low, it’s important to address the root cause of the issue. For example, there are many potential causes for low testosterone: hypogonadism, andropause, stress, congenital defect, testicular trauma, radiation treatment, chemotherapy, excess consumption of alcohol, obesity, and certain pharmaceuticals. Cenegenics physicians approach all issues with personalized testing to confirm the diagnoses and proactively minimize any
    potential risk factors of hormone replacement therapy

  • Do I have to be a Certain Age to Become a Cenegenics Client?

    While Cenegenics is a Performance Health optimization program that caters to the needs of adults around age 45 and over, we welcome people of all ages. Enhanced longevity involves lifestyle modifications, and the earlier you start the better. We’ve had clients ranging from their mid-to-late 20s all the way into their late 80s. Although rare, biological signs of aging can begin in the mid-20s, so you’re never too young (nor too old) to achieve your peak cognitive, physical and metabolic health. Vitality can be achieved at any age, which is why our programs are personally tailored to you and your age-related challenges faced at every stage of your life.

  • Does Cenegenics Accept Insurance?

    No. Cenegenics is a private medical practice designed to supplement the care your primary care physician provides. Therefore, we do not accept insurance. However, we can use your FSA or HSA to pay for Cenegenics treatments and medications. The Cenegenics program is an investment that you make in healthy aging. The cost of the program varies depending on which level of care you elect.

  • Is There a Minimum Enrollment Period, or Contract to Sign?

    No. There is no long-term commitment or contract required. The length of your participation is entirely up to you since we provide both immediate and long-term benefits. Thousands of people decide to make the Cenegenics Performance Health Program an integral part of their energized lives because it is working for them. You should also know that there is no “hidden cost” as all laboratory tests, physician visits, and medications are included in your program fee.

  • How Does My Performance Health Coach Determine My Exercise Regimen?

    Over the last 25 years, we have helped over 49,000+ very busy people. Most of our clients are in demanding roles such as executive positions, or they’re physicians that have little time outside their own practice. Despite this, our clients see results that demonstrate that improved health is an investment that saves them time by increasing vitality and concentration. Your performance health team works with you to understand your individual needs analysis, exercise interests and history and incorporates various styles of exercise into your schedule to accommodate these factors. Clients with the busiest of schedules can see performance benefits with methods like HIIT, or High-Intensity Interval Training, due to their short and intense structure. However, exercise – in any form, duration, and intensity provides anti-inflammatory benefits worth including in your daily schedule.

  • Can My Current Doctor Order the Blood Work Needed For Cenegenics?

    Yes and no. Although you can get routine bloodwork with your typical annual physical, your primary care physician generally can’t request the blood panels we require, because they need a clinical cause to order the extensive panel that we do. These restrictions are imposed upon them by insurance providers. Cenegenics completes your blood work using one of our nationwide lab partners, and our comprehensive lab panel measures far more than a typical blood draw from your primary care physician. Our lab panel measures 87 different biomarkers including complete blood count, hormone levels, lipid panels and homocysteine levels, among many others.

    We use these 90+ blood-based biomarkers as a baseline in your Performance Health Assessment and then continue to monitor them on a regular basis for improvement throughout your program.

    For your convenience, our phlebotomists travel to your home or office – whichever location works best for your schedule, to draw your sample.

    Performing these fundamental tests directly with our lab partner allows us to expedite results while reducing the odds of cross-contamination and delays, thereby ensuring the greatest possible level of accuracy. We are a preventative healthcare model that is not limited by what an insurance company is willing to pay for after you are already ill.

  • I Already Have My Primary Care Physician and a Trainer – What Makes Cenegenics Different?

    Cenegenics not only gives you access to a dedicated performance health team who helps to ensure that you achieve your peak cognitive, physical and metabolic health, we also support your transformation with cutting-edge clinical data and diagnostics. Your performance health team works synergistically based on your UNIQUE health blueprint. Consistent communication with your team means that nothing slips through the cracks or gets lost in translation. Your Performance Health Coach provides recommendations on peak fitness training, healthy eating and fuel while working closely with your physician who customizes your program with ongoing biofeedback. In addition, our wait times when you arrive at the center are almost nonexistent as our physicians only see 1-2 clients per day. We also provide lunch, healthy snacks, and your own VIP room during your visit.

  • What Does the Cenegenics Performance Health Management Program Cost?

    Cenegenics provides the world’s best performance health age management program.  We pride ourselves on delivering five-star service across all aspects of our program to extend our Clients’ health span and dramatically improve their health and quality of life.

    The Cenegenics Program Cost varies based on several factors including your general state of health when you enter the program, your readiness to embrace change and your commitment to improve your health span.

    To begin a Cenegenics Performance Health Program you must complete a full-day Performance Health Assessment. The Performance Health Assessment is the cornerstone of our program and relies on scientific and clinical data to maximize your personal health. Since every person is unique, we assess your cognitive, physical and metabolic health so that we can customize a program specifically for you.

    The Performance Health Assessment is conducted during an all-day session at one of our Cenegenics centers located around the globe and includes a complete medical history and lifestyle assessment, physical evaluation, DEXA Scan, VO2 Max test, carotid artery testing (determine the extent of plaque buildup in the arteries), neurocognitive assessment, muscular strength, coordination and endurance testing, fitness and nutrition assessments and an in-depth consultation with your personal Physician, lasting approximately two (2) hours in duration.  Due to the comprehensive nature of the Performance Health Assessment, our clients spend between 4-6 hours at our center.  The cost of the Performance Health Assessment is between $4,495 and $13,000 depending on the overall level of testing your physician requires.

    Once enrolled in a Performance Health program you will be charged for monthly nutraceuticals and prescription drugs, therapies, and hormonal treatments as clinically indicated and prescribed by your Cenegenics Physician through analysis of 90+ biomarkers found in your blood. The cost of these monthly supplies can vary significantly based on your health and wellness and usually ranges between $350 and $600 per month.

    In addition to your monthly supplies, you will be charged a program fee which covers the ongoing cost of access to your Performance Health team including your Physician, Performance Health Coach, Phlebotomist, and Services Coordinator as well as the cost of your regularly scheduled blood draws and lab work. The cost of the Program Fee ranges from $550 to $750 per month.

    In total, the Cenegenics Performance Health Program averages between $14,000 and $21,000 per year.

    The Cenegenics Performance Health Program has helped 49,000+ Executives live longer, more energized lives. The financial commitment to partner with Cenegenics is an investment in your health, allowing you to actively participate in a robust future with your loved ones by turning back your biological clock, fueling you toward continued success and better health.

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