Today’s healthcare system is made to treat people with health problems, not help prevent them. That’s where we come in.

Cenegenics vs
Today’s Healthcare System

Traditional medicine helps find what is wrong with your health after you experience symptoms that are new and alarming to you. Most family practice physicians explore the symptom to identify the disease but often fail in finding out why these symptoms, feelings, and changes are occurring. The experience is not built around how to prevent this from happening, but around ways to stop or limit the experienced symptoms.

Cenegenics is a different approach to healthcare, Performance health, and healthy aging. We offer science-rooted, proactive, preventative medicine to drive optimal health.

A unique approach

The Cenegenics experience delivers an unmatched level of clinical care and personalized attention.

Our clients gain a full understanding of their overall health, potential risk factors, and gain a performance health team fully focused on helping you reach your health goals.


Your Performance Health Team

In addition to your personal Cenegenics physician, your performance health team consists of a Performance Health Coach (ensuring optimum nutrition and fitness for your lifestyle), Patient Experience Coordinator, and Phlebotomist.

Through frequent monitoring of your biometrics and lifestyle coaching, your team provides frequent adjustments, updates, and personalized interventions – all aimed to increase your mental, physical, and metabolic health, and reach your health goals.

The Five Components of the Cenegenics Program

Cenegenics uses lab results to review essential biomarkers. From these, we continually evaluate the nutrition and exercise, supplementation and prescription medicine requirements for each member.

The objectives of the program are to improve these biomarkers and drive healthy aging, as well as reduce disease risk, increase energy, provide more restful sleep, improve mental acuity, enhance libido and help our members manage their weight.

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