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Cenegenics New York

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New York, NY 10022

Aging is inevitable, but how you age is not.

New York City is the greatest city in the world, so you’ve come to the right place to take control of your health. With Cenegenics New York, you can look, feel, and perform better than you have in years.

Your Cenegenics Team :


Bertha Mayorquin, MD

Center Physician - Cenegenics New York City

Dr. Mayorquin has always been committed to her patients. Her passion began when most of her family developed diabetes Mellitus type 2. Dr. Mayorquin became passionate about helping educate and guide patients on lifestyle modification to prevent complications of chronic disease.

She is also a faculty attending physician and she enjoys mentoring internal medicine residents.

Dr. Mayorquin has become passionate in the field of age management medicine as she has seen that taking a proactive stance to preserve optimal physical, and mental function and quality of life is the most beneficial preventive approach to the aging process and related co-morbidities. She sees age management as the ultimate tool to prevent chronic disease and frailty.

  • MD from Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara
  • Internship in Internal Medicine from Jersey City Medical Center, an affiliate of Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York
  • Internal Medicine Residency from Jersey City Medical Center, an affiliate of Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York
  • Certified in Age Management Medicine by Cenegenics, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Board-certified diplomat of the American Board of Internal Medicine

Benjamin LaFerriere, MD

Center Physician - Cenegenics New York City

  • Undergraduate: Willamette University, 2000
  • Medical School: Oregon Health and Science University, 2009
  • Anesthesiology Residency: St. Barnabas Medical Center, 2013
  • Board Certified in Age Management Medicine, 2015
  • General Medical Officer, USAF Reserve: 2004-present
  • Blackhawk Helicopter Pilot: Oregon Army National Guard: 1997-2004

Joseph Bosiljevac, Jr. MD, PhD, FACS

Center Physician - Cenegenics New York City

Dr. Bosiljevac trained in conventional medicine as a cardiovascular surgeon 40 years ago. He also obtained a doctorate in natural medicine. He mingled conventional medicine with natural alternative methods together for many years. He made a move to New York City more than 13 years ago to develop an age management practice where he quickly found out that body parts wear out. This led Dr. Bosilijevac to build expertise in stem cell treatment.

Starting off with retired NFL and NBA players, he used stem cells to conduct joint and soft tissue therapy. Later, he worked with military special operations members which included systemic treatment for liver and lung problems as well as traumatic brain injury. He then learned to treat autoimmune conditions.

Keith Fleischman, DO

Senior Physician Partner - Cenegenics New York City

Dr. Keith Fleischman, Senior Physician Partner at Cenegenics New York, has been practicing medicine for over 28 years. He has a lifelong interest in health and fitness. A graduate of the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1984, he completed an Anesthesiology residency at St.Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, NJ where e received the Robert Dripps award for the Outstanding Resident in Anesthesiology. He went on to further postgraduate training in Obstetric Anesthesia and Critical Care. He has been selected as a “Top Doc in NJ” in the field in a poll of nurses by New Jersey Magazine and held the position of Section Chief of Obstetric Anesthesia. He continues to be active in teaching physicians and medical students and has an association with Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

From childhood, he had exposure to Yoga practice and philosophy and trained in Martial Arts – achieving a level of Black Belt proficiency. He continues to be active in both. Presently he still plays and coaches soccer. It is the ability to enable people to achieve lifelong health and fitness – developing and maintaining their ability to perform at their highest level – that fuels his passion for Age Management Medicine. He has personally experienced the difference that a proactive approach to aging can make and this personal success has fueled his passion.

Dr. Fleischman loves to travel, scuba diving, skiing, and hiking. Married to a Brazilian American, he has a home in Brazil and speaks fluent Portuguese. He is also conversant in Spanish.

Joshua D’Alessandro MS, CSCS, CISSN

Performance Health Coach - Cenegenics New York City

My name is Joshua D’Alessandro, and my career and life are dedicated to health and fitness. I developed this passion many years ago through personal experience and interest. That personal experience and interest turned into an academic journey that culminated with a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from Florida State in 2016.

My career first took me down the path of Strength and Conditioning. I began as a personal trainer and realized that my intellect and knowledge in the field were not being tested at that level. I felt in order to maximize my potential, I had to work with the best. That is when I decided to take my skills to the collegiate strength and conditioning realm. The experience at the collegiate level taught me many things about my own personal philosophy as a coach and who I am as a person.

I am first and foremost a very positive, lively person. My goal is to not just make people better, but for them to enjoy and trust the process. I have found that the more an athlete, client, or patient is on board with who you are as a person, the more on board they are with you as a professional. I have also learned that I have a knack for developing a deep connection with my clients while maintaining my professionalism. I plan to keep those aspects of my personality no matter where I go. While training at the collegiate level, I also discovered my passion for teaching. I have such a strong desire to share my knowledge of health and wellness with others. Having the chance to mold young students into high-level professionals is deeply rewarding.

In order to diversify my skillset, I moved on to clinical exercise physiology. I loved working with athletes but wanted to make a bigger impact on the lives of people who truly need it most. Working with this population has brought out the best aspects of my personality. Being able to help patients reach levels of fitness and well-rounded nutrition they never imagined has become my passion. Whether it be a struggling athlete or someone who wants to grow old enough to spend time with their grandkids, I want to be there to help.

I believe that in order to make it in this field, I must keep growing. I have to keep growing as a student, meaning the day I stop learning, is the day I have given up. I have to keep growing as a professional by taking what I have learned and using it to make others the best version of themselves. I have to keep growing as a person by approaching each day as a new opportunity to better myself. I plan to do so; no matter what life has in store for me.

Patient Experience

Athena Roque

Patient Experience Coordinator - Cenegenics New York City

Athena has a passion for ensuring patients receive a positive experience in the care they receive. She’s known to provide exceptional customer service by analyzing issues on a case-by-case basis. Athena believes in striving for improvement within the healthcare industry through communication and coordination. She has worked with patients of diverse backgrounds and performed administrative tasks for clinical professionals. She’s committed to being a strong support system for all levels of staff to achieve success in patient care.

Corrine Yelsitis

Patient Experience Coordinator - Cenegenics New York City

Corinne was born and raised on Long Island, New York. She is a recent graduate from the University of Maryland where she studied Community Health to explore her passions of bringing health and well-being to the lives of others. Corinne strives to promote a positive environment to those around her both in and out of the workplace and is passionate about providing a great experience for all patients. Outside of the office, you will find Corinne exploring the city, relaxing on the beach, and spending time with loved ones.

In addition to the diagnostics performed at all Cenegenics Centers, in New York City we offer these enhanced services:

  • Maximized Energy

    Shockwave Treatments (6)


  • Maximized Energy

    Shockwave Treatments (12)


  • Maximized Energy

    Personal Training (per session)


  • Maximized Energy

    Body Composition (DEXA): Initial Scan


  • Maximized Energy

    Body Composition (DEXA): Follow-up Scan


  • Maximized Energy

    Body Composition (DEXA): 2 Scan Pack


  • Maximized Energy

    VO2 Max: Initial Study


  • Maximized Energy

    VO2 Max: Follow-up Test


  • Maximized Energy

    VO2 Max: Single VO2 + Body Composition


  • Maximized Energy



The Cenegenics program often delivers these healthy benefits:

  • Maximized Energy


    Breakthrough a lack of motivation and take control of your day fully energized.

  • Maximized Energy

    Optimize Body

    Reverse a slow and steady weight gain and return to your optimal body composition.

  • Maximized Energy

    Sexual Health

    Ignite your desire for intimacy, and turn around diminishing sexual performance.

  • Maximized Energy


    Renew clarity, “feel like yourself again” and overcome memory lapses or forgetfulness.

  • Maximized Energy


    Enjoy sleeping through the night again wake refreshed.

  • Maximized Energy


    Achieve your peak mental and physical state that will help you successfully manage and control stress in your life

See what our clients are saying about us.

When I was reaching my late 40’s I felt like I had less energy and was tired all the time. I just figured that it was normal and didn’t give it much thought until my wife made an appointment for me to go to Cenegenics for a consultation. After the lab results came back I was surprised to find out that I was borderline diabetic and my hormones weren’t at optimal levels. The doctors and nutritionist put me on a plan that got me back on track and now I feel better than ever! I really wish I had done this years ago! Thanks, guys!

Stanley W. Cenegenics, NYC

After trying other “wellness” places I felt like I was wasting my money. I was still slightly overweight, didn’t feel well and I was growing ever more frustrated because I knew that it shouldn’t be this way (Im 43 years old). In a last-ditch effort, a friend of mine recommended I go to Cenegenics® over in Manhattan. My first consultation was back in February and I’ve going there ever since. I feel much better and have the energy to keep up with my 11, 8 and 6 year olds. You won’t be disappointed.

Michelle M. Cenegenics, NYC

Hands down, it’s the best place I’ve ever used. I’ve lost 18 pounds and feel great! Now if they can only figure out a way to get rid of my gray………. Love you guys!

Kathleen H. Cenegenics, NYC
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