We all age differently. Cenegenics can help.

As early as our 30s and 40s our bodies begin to change.

Your sleep may become restless, your energy may be fading, you may have trouble concentrating or there is some stubborn mid-section weight you just can’t take off.

Our physicians will design a program just for you to help address these common signs of aging.

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The Cenegenics program can help deliver these healthy aging benefits:

  • Boost Energy

    Boost Energy

    Lack of motivation – just can't get going. Or that afternoon slump is lasting all day.

  • Lose Weight

    Lose Weight

    Just can't lose that mid-section weight no matter how hard you try.

  • Enhance Libido

    Enhance Libido

    Experiencing a decreased desire for intimacy, or diminishing sexual performance.

  • Improve Mental Acuity

    Improve Mental Acuity

    Trouble concentrating, memory lapses or forgetfulness. Occasional brain fog.

  • Provide Restful Sleep

    Provide Restful Sleep

    Waking through the night, snoring or sleep apnea, hitting the snooze button again and again.

Sanjay, a Cenegenics member since 2015 shares what he loves about his personalized healthy aging program.

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“I walked into the office with a high level of determination to really make a change.” - Ken D., Cenegenics Patient since 2016.


Try weight training.

Add some weight training to your workout routine. Weight training is more effective for building muscle and burning fat than hours of cardio (we know you dread it).


Turn your hobbies into workouts.

Let’s try something new! Did you know that a full day of fishing can give you a full body workout?


Ready to Reverse Your Biological Age?

Take the next step, and speak with one of our consultants. They’ll share how you can benefit from our physician-led Cenegenics healthy aging program.

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