What is cenegenics

Cenegenics uses precision medicine to optimize health performance, prevent disease and minimize avoidable symptoms associated with chronic disease and aging.

What is the biggest risk factor for preventable disease? Age.
Cenegenics provides the tools, direction and motivation to achieve optimal health.

Our phlebotomists come to our members to collect and measure comprehensive, meaningful health biomarkers. Each member has a personal success team including a personal physician that co-develops and supports you in succeeding with a personalized, monitored health program to reach your goals and avoid chronic disease.

Since 1997, our proven age management program has helped tens-of-thousands of members live their best lives.

How we help

Your partner for longevity, vitality and personalized health.

Our bodies begin to change over time. High stress levels can lead to restless sleep, energy may fade faster than before, and concentration on tasks at hand become challenging. Slow, steady weight gain compounds over few years or decades.
Now what?

Our physicians design a personalized program to address how your life – your aging process – may be impacting your health. Our program is one of the most comprehensive ways for you to understand and monitor the most important changes to your health and wellbeing.

A lower fasting insulin level is indicative
of less cardiometabolic risk.


After one year with Cenegenics, members with abnormal fasting insulin levels corrected them to normal ranges.

The Cenegenics program often delivers these healthy benefits:

  • Energy Boost

    Breakthrough a lack of motivation and take control of your day fully energized.

  • Weight Loss

    Reverse a slow and steady weight gain and return to your optimal body composition.

  • Increased Desire

    Ignite your desire for intimacy, and turn around diminishing sexual performance.

  • Mental Sharpness

    Renew clarity, "feel like yourself again" and overcome memory lapses or forgetfulness.

  • Restful Sleep

    Enjoy sleeping through the night again wake refreshed.

  • What Cenegenics Members Are Saying

    • I've seen a very drastic improvement.
      I also noticed my body composition was changing. I found that I was gaining weight in the wrong places. I've seen a very drastic improvement - within maybe three, four weeks of starting. I love the effectiveness of their age management program. It's been fantastic. “

      Member since 2015
    • You can still be a better version of yourself, you just don't know yet.
      I got my stamina. I wasn’t as lethargic. I was excited. I had my go-getting personality. I wasn’t exhausted anymore. I think that's the incredible thing about the Cenegenics program. “

      Member since 2015
    • It's a life changing experience. I've lived it. I've seen it.
      Over the last eight years since I've been coming, my energy level has had a huge tremendous effect in my business. I run three companies, travel quite a bit, very busy. I've got three children. Two of them are in college, one still in high school. I'm pretty active. So it definitely helps. If anything, it's a life changing experience. I've lived it. I've seen it. I've been a part of it. “

      Member since 2013
    • I'm beating Father Time!
      In three weeks, it was like I was walking three feet off the ground. I was thinking, my god, I’m beating father time!“

      Dr. Robert Ledda
      Cenegenics physician and Member since 2013

    100% of our members start their program remotely. We come on-site to you. There is no need to visit a lab or office to get started today.

    Success stories

    See what our members are saying about us.

    Each member’s transformation is unique. Come hear some stories from actual Cenegenics members. Their stories will move you.

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