Make your next years your best years.

Members who participate in our program experience dramatic, positive changes in their health and energy including decreasing body fat and strengthening muscle, improving insulin and cholesterol levels, increasing physical and sexual vitality, improved stress management, and improving mental sharpness and sleep quality. These measures are objectively monitored and reported.

Excess body fat contributes to major health risks, including heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, osteoarthritis, fatty liver, and depression


Our members realized an average of 30% reduction in body fat within the first 12 months after enrollment in our program

The Five Components of the Cenegenics Program

Cenegenics uses extensive lab results to review essential biomarkers. This allows our physicians and member success team to evaluate your personal nutrition and exercise, supplementation and medication treatment plans.

The objectives of the Program are to improve these biomarkers and drive optimal health. Ultimately this means reduced disease risk, increased energy, more restful sleep, improved mental acuity, increased desire and helping our members manage their weight.

Component 1


Developing an effective plan begins with understanding your individual needs.


In addition to observing your health via serum biomarkers, performance diagnostics are completed and Cenegenics’ battery of clinical tests provides direct and indirect insights to your health status.

Component 2

Optimal Nutrition

The Cenegenics Member Success Team creates a customized, nutrient dense, low glycemic nutrition plan based off your lab results.


Improve insulin sensitivity by choosing lean proteins, high-fiber and vitamin-rich vegetables and fruit, and healthful fats from both plant and animal sources as your everyday, core food selections. As glucose and insulin management improves and body composition changes are observed, members’ food selections are expanded due to a healthier metabolic environment.

Cenegenics members live busy lifestyles, both professionally and personally – enjoying travel, and various hobbies. Your Member Success Team helps troubleshoot life’s challenges to ensure your nutrition program is sustainable.

Component 3


Your Member Success Team works with you to ensure you can meet your health goals. Each Program is customized for your specific needs and incorporates cardiovascular (aerobic and anaerobic), resistance, and flexibility training.


By assessing individual exercise capacity, you will learn how exercise intensity can influence your personal goals. A balance between intensity and duration of exercise is assessed for each person to create high likelihood for success with an emphasis on high intensity interval training. In many instances, a member may perform only 60 to 90 minutes of cardiovascular exercise per week if appropriate intensities are achieved.

The exercise component focuses the member on their relative measure – exercise intensity, not duration. Your Member Success Team will work closely with you to teach you how to train effectively, efficiently and sustainably.

Component 4

Nutraceutical Supplementation

Your Cenegenics Physician will design a custom supplementation program for you.


Cenegenics’ physicians work very closely with our Clinical Product Development team, selecting raw materials that are both proven in theory of action and in human research. The proposed ingredients commonly have a magnitude of positive direct and indirect influence on member biomarkers. All ingredients are confirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) or hold NDI (New Dietary Ingredient) documentation by the FDA. Examples on what types of supplementation is recommended, a typical nutraceutical plan will include Vitamin D3, Marine Fish Oil, Melatonin, Magnesium, K2 and DHEA.

Component 5

Hormone Therapy

Aging naturally reduces the body’s ability to produce helpful hormones on its own. These hormones are critical to the maintenance of cognitive function, mood, metabolism and other systems for many individuals.


Not prioritizing your health over months, years, or decades, reduces the body’s ability to sustain normal, healthy hormone production.

A perfect diet and dedicated workout routine may not deliver the desired results if a member has hormone deficiencies. By understanding individuals’ unique hormonal pathways, physiologies, risk profiles and goals, your Cenegenics physician can recommend and monitor the impact of various hormones to achieve desired states and blood values in the upper limits of normal physiologic ranges, when clinically indicated.