Al Bugazia

Al Bugazia , MD

Houston, TX

Cenegenics Houston

After completing his critical care fellowship at Cleveland Clinic and serving as a Chief Fellow, Dr. Bugazia has been a practicing Intensivist for the last 10 years. His main interests are physiology, endocrinology, and the understanding of the complex human body. His passion for healthy aging originated from a painful personal experience, where due to a medical error, his mother was not started on hormone replacement after undergoing surgical removal of the ovaries, leading her to develop of premature, severe, rapidly progressive dementia. Dr. Bugazia completed Cenegenics Training & Certification in Age Management Medicine in 2023, now seeing patients at our Cenegenics Houston location in The Woodlands, TX.

He is determined to channel this experience into positively helping others. In addition to medicine, Dr. Bugazia is interested in physics, biomedical engineering, the utilization of artificial intelligence in the medical field, meditation, mindfulness, and spiritual growth. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Psychoactive Pharmaceutical Investigation and researching the future role of medical psychedelics.

Dr. Bugazia’s hobbies include nature immersion, hiking, camping, scuba diving, history, and archeology. He speaks multiple languages and can decipher basic Hieroglyph.

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