Cenegenics CEO Kristy Berry to Speak at HLTH 2023

October 6, 2023

Cenegenics leader joins panel of expert Health and Longevity Industry CEOs

Las Vegas – October 6, 2023 – Kristy Berry, CEO of Cenegenics, will be a featured speaker at this year’s premier healthcare industry event, HLTH 2023, in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she will offer her experience and insight in longevity medicine and age management toward the discussion panel, 30 Going on 13.

The field of longevity science continuously grows and evolves as new discoveries reveal more about the underlying mechanisms of biological aging. In 30 Going on 13, Berry will share her thoughts on the most effective medical, nutritional, exercise, and behavioral methods of age management. Joining her on this panel include other expert longevity health industry CEOs including Joe Betts-LaCroix, Co-founder and CEO of Retro Biosciences, Melanie Goldey, CEO of Tally Health, and Robert Hariri, Founder and CEO of Celularity Inc.

Berry looks forward to the experience, stating, “HLTH is the voice of the health and wellness industry, and the ’30 Going on 13′ panel shows the increasing awareness and importance of age management and longevity science. I look forward to representing Cenegenics and our mission of optimizing health and reversing the effects of biological aging at this panel.”

By speaking at HLTH 2023, Berry reinforces Cenegenics’ vision of cognitive, physical, and metabolic optimization and longevity. Since 1999, she has devoted herself toward the success of this vision and, as CEO, she champions the synergy of cutting-edge technological innovations in diagnostic medicine with a holistic approach to health and wellness. Under her leadership, Cenegenics continues to both expand and refine its mission to develop unique, patient-specific programs that encompass the core pillars of biofeedback, fuel, peak fitness training, nutraceuticals, and metabolic and hormonal optimization. By partnering with patients to develop custom health programs based on their specific biomarkers and biometrics, Cenegenics helps patients achieve optimal health, fitness, wellness, and vigor – enabling them to look and feel decades younger.

About Cenegenics
Founded in 1997, Cenegenics provides the world’s best Performance Health Age Management solution, fueled by sophisticated data, technology, and metabolic science to motivate and inspire, helping people achieve their peak cognitive, physical, and metabolic health. Having served over 49,000 patients worldwide through its 25+ year history, Cenegenics takes a comprehensive approach to preventive medicine, enabling patients to live longer, more energized lives.

With 29 locations across the globe and counting, including Miami, Beverly Hills, New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, London, and Brazil, Cenegenics is on a path to partner with patients wherever they are located.

About HLTH
HLTH (pronounced “health”) is the leading platform bringing together the entire health ecosystem, focused on health innovation and transformation. From unparalleled events with industry-leading speakers to inspirational digital content and mission-driven initiatives, HLTH creates a unique marketplace for the health community leading the dialogue and development of a better health ecosystem.

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