Cleerly and Cenegenics Partner to Offer Heart Disease Prevention Technology as Part of Performance Health Age Management Portfolio

July 18, 2023

Cenegenics’ U.S. locations now offering Cleerly’s AI-enabled approach to personalized heart care.

NEW YORK – JULY 18, 2023 – Cleerly, the company on a mission to eliminate heart attacks by creating a
new standard of care for heart disease, today announced a partnership with Cenegenics, a leading
performance health age management platform dedicated to helping people achieve their peak
cognitive, physical and metabolic health. Through the partnership, Cenegenics will use Cleerly’s AIenabled
platform to evaluate coronary computed tomography angiography (CCTA) imaging, allowing
physicians to identify, characterize and qualify atherosclerosis (plaque) buildup in the walls of heart
arteries more easily. The personalized reporting provided through this platform can help providers
deliver precision treatment across the continuum of heart disease severity, improving clinical outcomes
while drastically reducing patient costs.

“Cleerly is excited to be partnering with Cenegenics to offer preventive heart disease care to its
patients,” said James K. Min, MD, FACC, FESC, MSCCT, founder and CEO of Cleerly. “Leveraging our
platform, Cenegenics will be able to provide patients with technology that goes beyond the traditional
measure of heart disease by analyzing, characterizing and quantifying types of plaque, so they’re able to
more accurately determine a patient’s heart attack risk and develop the right treatment plans.”
Cleerly’s CCTA analysis provides physicians information that can allow a more accurate understanding of
a patient’s risk of heart attack. The technology provides a detailed vessel-by-vessel evaluation of
stenoses and atherosclerosis and is a shift away from how heart disease has traditionally been assessed
through the use of indirect surrogate markers of disease. With more than half of all patients who
experience a heart attack not showing any symptoms or surrogate markers before the event, this shift in
how we evaluate and assess patients is essential.

This partnership will allow Cenegenics to continue with their mission of helping patients take control of
their health, using Cleerly’s technology to help prevent heart health problems before it’s too late.
Cenegenics has 21 locations across the United States and 8 international locations. Upon launch, Cleerly
services will be available in all 21 Cenegenics Centers within the U.S.

“We are pleased to partner with Cleerly across all of our Cenegenics Centers nationally” said Kristy
Berry, CEO of Cenegenics. “As the leaders in performance health age management, Cenegenics sees
enormous value in the Cleerly AI-enabled heart health imaging platform. Their four-tiered, personalized
coronary analysis presentation will enable and empower our physicians and performance health teams
to create preventative heart health programs for our patients.”
Cleerly’s services are now available at all Cenegenics locations nationwide and those interested can visit
Cenegenics Locations to learn more and schedule an appointment.


About Cleerly

Cleerly is the company on a mission to eliminate heart attacks by creating a new standard of care for
heart disease. Through its FDA-cleared solutions driven by artificial intelligence, Cleerly helps enable
comprehensive phenotyping of coronary artery disease, as determined from advanced non-invasive CT
imaging. Led by a world-class clinical and technical team, Cleerly enhances health literacy for each and every stakeholder in the coronary care pathway. For more information, please visit:

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